Hey BSCers! Come and get your DID!

With cross-chain capability, low cost feature, and a growing ecosystem, DAS is the true DID.

DAS supports BSC

Now, DAS supports BSC! Thanks to the cross-chain capability of DAS, DAS fills the gap of decentralized account system in BSC ecosystem. Hey BSCers, we now have our own DID!

Benefits of Owning a DAS

DAS is a cross-chain decentralized account system. It can be used as a digital currency collection account, or as an account to access general internet services. DAS has powerful cross-chain capabilities and supports ETH / BSC / TRON and any other public chain address. hi.bit, 你好.bit, こんにちは.bit, 🚀🌕.bit, 안녕하세요.bit, Привет.bit and Bonjour.bit are all DAS accounts.

With DAS, you will never have to worry about entering the wrong wallet address. In addition, you can use DAS to build your decentralized personal page (e.g https://topbidder.bit.cc) to showcase your NFTs on different chains. Moreover, DAS can be used as NFT for trading at Bestdas.com.

It is worth emphasizing that besides the unique cross-chain capability, DAS has a very low usage cost(almost 0). All operations such as managing, buying and selling are 0 GAS.

DAS has now become a commonly used and widely recognized decentralized identity in Web 3.0. Unlike other short-lived (or ready to be short-lived) domain name services, DAS goes live at the end of July 2021 and has been integrated by mainstream wallets and applications for over three months since its launch. Today, wallets such as imToken, TokenPocket, Huobi Wallet, AlphaWallet, BitKeep, HyperPay, data browser sites such as NFTGO, NFTSCAN and the Mibao NFT platform have all integrated with DAS.

Now, 35% of DAS accounts have been randomly opened. To avoid being hoarded by a few people when the social influence is not enough, DAS account registration is opened gradually. As of November 22, 2021, there are over 39,000 registered accounts and over 13,000 unique Owners.

Why DAS is the only cross-chian DID in Web 3.0?

It goes without saying that cross-chain capability is a solid foundation for the survival of a DID, and DAS supports being managed by all public chains address. Blockchains are an important component of the Web 3.0 world, and blockchains are composed of different public chains. Therefore, cross-chain capability is a necessity for DIDs to become an infrastructure in Web 3.0.

Nowadays, many domain name services claim that they support “cross-chain”. In fact, they only support adding addresses of different public chains to the records, and the domain name still only supports being registered or managed by the address on one chain. For example, .eth can only supports being registered by an ETH address and .sol can only supports being registered by a SOL address. They are only single-chain domains that cannot circulate in other chains and are not really cross-chain.

Therefore, only DID with cross-chain capability can stand firm in the world of Web 3.0.

DAS is the only decentralized account system that supports cross-chain registration through all public chains and circulation in all public chain communities. This is made possible by the highly scalable Nervos CKB public chain on which DAS is based. Any public chain can be made compatible with DAS without any modification. DAS now supports being managed by ETH, BSC and TRON address, and more public chains are coming. No other DID can be cross-chain except DAS.

Register your DAS now: How to register your favorite DAS in 5 minutes with BSC address?

Now you can have your own DAS in the time it takes to get a cup of coffee and for $5.00.

  1. Connect your wallet to the BSC network.
    Tutorial: https://academy.binance.com/en/articles/connecting-metamask-to-binance-smart-chain
  2. Search for DAS in your wallet or visit da.systems directly, select DAS/GOGODAS registrar and connect to the BSC environment.
  3. When registering an account, use BNB as the payment method.

Contact DAS

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