DAS is now listed on Bitpie Wallet

DAS is now listed on Bitpie Wallet. You can find DAS easily in Bitpie Wallet.

DAS (Decentralized‍ Account‍ Systems)

With a DAS account, you can

Registration Rules:

How to register a DAS account in Bitpie Wallet

👛 Open Bitpie Wallet App

🚀 Come to DAS DApp

💗 Find your favourite DAS account

✔️ Available account and not open account

💰 Multiple payment methods

  • Annual fee: The annual fee is $5 per year for all DAS accounts with 5 or more digits.
  • Frozen storage fee: It corresponds to storage space required to store account info on chain. The frozen storage fee is fixed, and it is about 300 CKB per DAS account. And the fee is frozen and will be refunded to the account owner’s address if the account expires and is not renewed.

Currently, you can choose from a variety of payment methods, such as ETH, CKB, etc. Alipay, Paypal and others (e.g. USDT) will be supported soon.

If you choose CKB payment method, first make sure you have enough CKB in your ckb.pw account (open ckb.pw in the DApp browser to check).

🎉 Congratulations! Successfully get your DAS account!

👩‍💻 Manage DAS account permissions

  • Owner controls the ownership of the account. Changing the Owner address means transferring the account to someone else;
  • Manager can manage the account’s records. If it is changed to someone else, he/she can manage this account’s records.

📝 Managing records

Records will be successfully modified after you save and sign. It will take about 3–5 minutes, because it needs to be confirmed on chain.

🤝 Invitation Reward

If someone else uses your invitation link when registering a DAS account or fills in your DAS account as a inviter. Then, you will receive 10% of others’ registration cost as an invitation bonus.

The reward will be credited instantly in CKB. The rewards can be viewed in「Rewards」section in DAS App.

DAS, Decentralized Account Systems. (https://da.systems/)